Baishan AWS Newsletter May 22nd

Release time:2020-06-24 14:31

Friday Update for May 22nd, 2020



Dear Baishan AWS Parents and Students,


We were very happy to have had our Grade 10 students back at school this week. It's great to see them again in person, and catch up on life and school together.


All Baishan AWS staffs are completing updated course progress summaries. Using this data, as well as the latest Oxford results, we will complete a recommended plan of how the remainder of the year will be organized. Students, who have kept up with their work, will logically be in need of less time to ensure completion of their classes. We want to base our decisions on a student-by-student basis, so we are fair in our expectations of each student's needs and effort.


Starting in June, we will work on planning the course selection process for each student. For our current Grade 9 students, the main schedule for next year is very clear. Grade 9 students are still in the process of completing the base credit requirements of the AWS diploma. For our grade 10's, their courses become more defined, and at a higher level as they start their third year of high school. We also begin to review SAT test planning, and the first steps toward university applications and selection.


Have a Good Weekend,


Robert Hinman




Art with Mr. Brandt


The 9th graders returned to the art studio with enthusiasm and creativity.  While several art students spent the time catching up with some eLearning tasks, others started creating their environmental-inspired artwork using local bamboo and organic paper.  These sculptures help to invite the viewers into the space.  The 9.5 grade students worked together to create one large sculpture that is currently hanging in the Art Gallery. 


Students will continue working on using local materials to create more environment-inspired works.



English with Ms. Roth


Ninth grade English continues to study poetic devices and on Friday we tried our hand at writing rhyming couplets. We are working toward an end-of-the-year performance of poems that will be recorded. Tenth grade came back to school and jumped right into the study of the novel Pay It Forward. The novel study will take us to the end of the year and allow us to consider the question: What would happen if we were all kind to one another?



US History and World Geography with Ms. Brauer


In our continuing study of migration, the 9th graders spent this week focusing on urbanization, the massive movement from rural communities to cities happening worldwide. We analyzed and compared seven different data sets to see if we could extrapolate some general rules and trends of urbanization.


We were thrilled to welcome the 10th graders back to school this week! During this re-orientation week, most of our first period time was spent on school safety and the logistics of rejoining our little learning community. We'll dive back into US History next week, though, right into the dramas and excesses of the Gilded Age. 



Math and Science with Mr. Mackiegan


In our ninth grade geometry class, we looked at volumes and surface areas of pyramids and cones, spheres, and volumes and surface areas of similar solids. Next week, we will begin our study of circular geometry, looking at tangent lines, chords and arcs, and inscribed angles.


In our tenth grade integrated science class, we started our study of biology, looking at characteristics and needs of living things, and the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Next week, we will look at plant cells versus animal cells, organelles and their functions, and the cell membrane and transport through it.



Math with Mrs. Hinman


Students in Algebra II are investigating how all major information about special triangles can fit into the unit circle. Let's see if you can use unit circle  

We are always ready to help.

Baishan AWS

Qingdao, China

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