Baishan AWS Newsletter June 5th

Release time:2020-06-24 14:33

Friday Update for June 5th, 2020




Dear Baishan AWS Parents and Students,


We hope that you all received the Student Learning Summaries, and that you have had some time to review this document with your son or daughter. We are also hoping that all of you were able to schedule a time to meet the teaching staff next Friday.


We are happy to announce that Baishan AWS now is authorized to offer Advanced Placement courses for the 2020-2021 school year. AP classes are globally recognized as one of the highest international standards of high school courses that can be completed. AP classes are very favorably looked upon from universities, and often qualify for college credit. Qualified Baishan AWS students will now have the opportunity to challenge themselves in the years ahead. We will provide an overview of AP options for our students during our schedule planning and college counseling this month.


Have a Good Weekend,


Robert Hinman




US History and World Geography with Ms. Brauer


Our 9th grade world geographers have each been assigned a country, and they've used a detailed spreadsheet of United Nations data to assess their country's development using various quality of life indicators. Then they had to choose which three indicators they'd consider the most important if they were the ones creating a single Human Development Index to rank development worldwide.


The 10th grade looked back to the Civil War to revisit the key points of their online learning time and to prepare for the first of their two semester exams, on the Civil War and Reconstruction. After that, we looked at the riots and the protests against structural racism currently happening across the United States and talked about their historical roots.



Math and Science with Mr. Mackeigan


In our ninth-grade geometry class, we finished our study of circles, looking at angle measures and segment lengths, and equations of circles in the coordinate plane.


In our tenth-grade integrated science class, we looked energy in plants, studying photosynthesis and cellular respiration, as well as plant responses to stimuli. Additionally, we continued our research for our unit assessment, a presentation on a bacterial disease.



English with Ms. Roth


In English 9, we've started practicing writing poems using figurative language like simile, metaphor, personification, and hyperbole. Students will perform final poems on Monday, June 22nd. The supplemental English class for the "9.5" students has been using the story of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" to study the character arc of the hero. Next week, they'll have a chance to write their own narrative short story about a hero. In English 10, our novel study continues. We're more than half way through Pay It Forward, and the dramatic irony is starting to create suspense!



Math with Mrs. Hinman


Students in Algebra II finished learning how to graph trig functions this week. Next week they will finish unit 8 by creating a function to model ocean waves and investigating how this energy could be harnessed as a power source.



Art with Mr. Brandt


The Baishan AWS Art students have continued to make major progress on finishing lessons and completing their Environmental Art work.  The students will begin a new unit related to lens-based and photography work.  Students will be challenged to apply previously taught compositional strategies to existing photographs, then create their own professional-looking photographs.


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We are always ready to help.

Baishan AWS

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