College Counseling at a Glance

Preparation for the college admission process is embedded in the curriculum starting in Grade 9, allowing students to participate in activities that not only prepare them to be competitive for the process, but also to empower them to be strong students and engaged community members. The Staff of Baishan AWS know and care deeply about each student as an individual and are therefore able to help them discover and gain acceptance into colleges where they will thrive.

  • Grade 9: Laying the groundwork for a successful high school experience

    · Select the most challenging courses appropriate to each student.

    · Explore extra-curricular activities such as sports teams, school activities or volunteer opportunities outside campus.

    · With guidance and encouragement from faculty, develop a love for reading and writing.

    · With guidance and encouragement from the Baishan AWS staff, focus on issues of wellness, study skills, and time management.

    · With your Advisor and the Director, evaluate your interests, activities, and strengths to set ambitious goals for the next school year.

  • Grade 10: Beginning to think seriously about college

    ·  Continue to focus on appropriately rigorous academics and good study habits.

    ·  With support and encouragement from faculty, get involved in the life of the school and consider opportunities for leadership.

    ·  With faculty guidance and support, evaluate your interests, activities, and strengths to set ambitious goals for the next school year and plan for an enriching summer.

    ·  Take part in the Baishan AWS College Counseling Summer Program offered at the AWS Campus in Tacoma, Washington.

  • Grade 11: Entering the heart of Baishan AWS's college counseling

    ·  Excel, with faculty guidance and support, at appropriately rigorous academic coursework.

    · Step into leadership roles in activities where you can make the most impact.

    · Work with the school counselor to create a customized plan for standardized testing in the spring and summer of junior year.

    · Start regular meetings with your counselor to build a strong relationship and get individual advice on how to shape a tentative list of colleges.

    · With the help of your college counselor, identify teachers for letters of recommendation, shape a tentative list of schools and finalize summer enrichment opportunities.

  • Grade 12: Choosing a college

    ·  Continue academically rigorous coursework throughout senior year, as your counselor will keep colleges updated on any exemplary performance.

    ·  Register to take your final SAT exam.

    ·  Meet with college admissions officers that visit campus in the fall, and when feasible, meet for an interview as part of your application.

    · Attend College Week, where you will: finalize the application list, review deadlines, workshop your activities list and resume, meet with an assigned essay advisor to fine-tune application essays, and meet with your counselor for a final review of all applications. (The vast majority of seniors are done with their applications after College Week.)

    · Attend our College Financing Night with your parents and work together to fill out any necessary paperwork.

    · Work with your teachers and college counselor to make sure all recommendation letters and applications materials are submitted on time.

    · Make any final trips to visit colleges.

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