Baishan AWS Program Summary

The Baishan AWS program prepares students extraordinarily well for meeting the challenges of attending a university or college in an English speaking country. We offer small classes, independent-minded peers, and an exceptional faculty. Annie Wright's challenging curriculum combined with the rigor of the IB Diploma curriculum appeals to motivated students with a variety of learning styles.

Most importantly, we prepare students for a lifetime of learning, instilling in our students genuine curiosity and the courage to ask questions, seek creative answers and meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing, complex and culturally-diverse world.

At Baishan AWS , we follow a rigorous schedule of classes to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate's Diploma Program. In order to help our students meet the challenges of the IB Diploma Program, we offer extensive support in the development of their English proficiency. Classes to support students in preparation for the TOEFL and SAT exams will be part of the daily schedule for students in selected grade levels. Students will be offered intensive English courses and even receive instruction during the boarding component of the program. Our goal is to ensure that English becomes the language of learning for all students at Baishan AWS.

Students attending Baishan AWS will have the opportunity to earn a diploma from Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma, Washington. Students who are able to complete the requirements set forth for the IB Diploma Program will also have the ability to earn the IB Diploma when Baishan AWS completes the process of IB authorization.

The requirements to earn a High School Diploma from Baishan AWS are rigorous and challenging. They include:

• Earn a minimum of 23 credits and fulfill the following core academic requirements:

English = 4 credits
Mathematics = 3 credits (or completion of Algebra 2)
History = 3 credits
World Language = 2 credits (through 2nd year of a language)
Science = 3 credits
Physical Education = 2 credits
Fine Arts = 1 credit
Elective Credit = 5 credits  

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