There are eight steps to the application process:

1. Complete the Application Form.

2. Submit the following documents:

    · Three passport sized photographs

    · Photocopy of the student's passport or citizen ID card

    · Photocopy of Parental Residence Booklet

    · Copies of the student academic records for all middle and high school grade levels if applicable; (if grade reports are not in English, a certified translation must be provided).

    · Submit personal statement (300- 500 Words in English)

    · Submit one recommendation letter from the student's previous school.

    · Complete the student medical form and submit a copy of an up to date immunization record.

    · Provide any available English standardized test scores (Such as TOEFL or SAT) (Scores may be submitted for informational purposes to assist English proficiency level determination).

    · Provide documentation of any awards, or any noteworthy accomplishments that the student has achieved.

3. Submit the application fee of 500 RMB via bank transfer or cash.  (Application fee is not refundable and not credited against tuition fees)

4. Complete an assessment of English at Baishan Annie Wright School.

5. Complete an interview with Baishan Annie Wright School admissions staff.

6. After a review of all admissions information is completed, an enrollment decision will be made by the Baishan Annie Wright School admissions office.

7. If offer of enrollment is made and accepted, the deposit fee must be paid within two weeks or acceptance may be withdrawn. A non-refundable payment to AWS must be completed by July 1. Remaining fees may be paid in one or two payments due on a semester basis according to the school calendar

8. Complete the student orientation prior to the beginning of school.

Admissions Criteria

Admission will be granted on a rolling basis.  Applications will be evaluated, and admission granted as they are received.  Students will be granted admission based on their potential to be academically successful and contribute to school curricular and extra-curricular programming.  In the event a grade level is at capacity, students will be placed on a waiting list.  Students will be selected from the waiting list based on the same admissions criteria. 


Students admitted to the Baishan Annie Wright School must ultimately be candidates for admission to top colleges and universities.  Therefore, we are not able to provide appropriate support for students with substantive learning difficulties. 

English Fluency

Students applying to Baishan Annie Wright School must complete an English assessment to determine their level of fluency in English.  Only students with an adequate level of English proficiency will be accepted to the program.  The school intends to maintain an environment where English is the primary language and preference will be given to those students who are most functional or have the greatest potential to be functional in English at the appropriate grade level. 


Students will be expected to speak only English during the school day and at all Baishan Annie Wright School sponsored activities. 

Retraction of Admissions

Baishan Annie Wright School reserves the right to retract admissions if any information would be provided to the program which would have negatively impacted the initial admission decision.  

Now complete the Application Form.

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