Activities at Baishan AWS

At Baishan AWS, we are interested in helping young people learn and challenge themselves each day. We want our students to take risks, learn from setbacks, and rise to meet the demands of life. Academics are of course, an important part of this process, and we strive to have our students take a rigorous set of courses each year. However, academics are not the only area where students are asked to be the best they can be. Baishan AWS provides students a large variety of activities to develop both the physical and mental attributes that will serve as a foundation to success in life. 

The faculty and administration of Baishan AWS are always willing to listen to suggestions and ideas from the student body, and the list below should be seen as only a sample of what we can provide for our students. 

 Student Clubs:   
Student Council
 Model UN
Table Tennis 
Math counts, Team Competition
Programming and Design

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in summer exchanges at Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma, Washington.  College visits, SAT testing, and cultural experiences will be a great way for Baishan AWS students to expand their view of the world!

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