Dr. Chris Vicari

Program Director

Dr. Chris Vicari, the esteemed Director of Baishan Annie Wright Schools, is a seasoned educator who embarked on his illustrious career 30 years ago. With a remarkable professional experience, Dr. Vicari's unwavering commitment to education has left an indelible mark on the lives of countless students.

Throughout his extensive journey in education, Dr. Vicari has shared his expertise across a diverse spectrum of grade levels, spanning from the tender years of pre-school to the culmination of high school at grade 12. His passion for imparting knowledge and fostering growth knows no bounds.

One distinguishing facet of Dr. Vicari's career is his association with educational institutions offering elite-level curriculums. His experience with Montessori and International Baccalaureate has enriched his pedagogical approach and enabled him to nurture global citizens.

Dr. Chris Vicari has been a pivotal figure in some of China's most prestigious educational establishments, contributing significantly to their growth and academic excellence.

Leadership & Faculty(图2)

Susan Bauska

Associate Head emeritus of Annie Wright Schools, Tacoma, USA

Susan joined Annie Wright Schools in 1990 as an English teacher and later College Counselor and Director of Upper School. After earning English and education degrees from the University of Puget Sound and Lewis and Clark College, Susan was a teacher and administrator at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR. In addition to her leadership duties, Susan teaches an Upper School English class, enduring her passion for students, English and teaching.

Leadership & Faculty(图3)

Rex Bates

Director of International Advancement

Annie Wright Schools, Tacoma, USA

Rex joined Annie Wright Schools in 2008, although his association with the school as a parent, trustee and Board Chair dates back almost 25 years. Rex's first career was in independent education as a history teacher, dorm parent and coach at Shattuck St. Mary's School. He followed that with almost thirty years in multiple leadership positions at State Farm Insurance Company.


Claire Wen

Inter-school coordinator, College Counselor

Claire Wen joined Qingdao Baishan School in the spring of 2019, right before Baishan AWS launched in Qingdao, China. As an American Certified Public Accountant, Claire was majored in accounting and obtained a Master Degree in University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2012, Claire moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked as an auditor adapting at account management, internal auditing, financial reporting, budget forecasting and analysis in both private and public sectors.
Claire’s education career began with Baishan AWS. As the program coordinator, she actively participated in student recruitment, marketing promotion, parent communication, student management, daily administration, etc. She is also responsible for the coordination between Baishan AWS and Baishan School.


Elena Guedes-Da Silva 

Curriculum Coordinator/ AP Calculus Teacher

Hailing from Bulgaria, Ms. Elena Guedes-Da Silva serves as our IB & AP Curriculum Coordinator, Master Degree with 20 years of teaching experience. Her innovative teaching methods and curriculum development expertise ensure that our students receive a world-class education.


Gaukhar Shakirova 

English Teacher & English Department Head

Gaukhar Shakirova earned her Master's of Arts in English Language Teaching from the University of Sussex. She worked for the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan for 5 years as a tutor, IB MYP Language Acquisition teacher, IB DP English B, and Theory of Knowledge teacher, and as the Coordinator of Creativity, Activity, Service component. She also has experience working for the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan as the English Language Coordinator. Gaukhar enjoys baking, planting house plants, and spending time with her cat and dog. She also has a passion for traveling and exploring new places and cultures. 


Alzhan Achilov

Learning Management System LMS Coordinator, Humanities Teacher

Alzhan Achilov has experience in the IB Diploma Program and in the IB Middle Years Program. In 2017, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. From 2018 to 2021, he worked at Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan as an Anthropology teacher, Extended Essay Coordinator, Social Studies teacher and Theory of Knowledge teacher. Alzhan values curiosity and openness in his students the most. In his free time, Alzhan enjoys cooking and hiking. He has a dog named Aki and a cat named Misha.  


Thiago Da Silva 

Administrative Coordinator, Integrated Sciences & AP Environmental Sciences Teacher

Mr. Thiago Da Silva, hailing from Brazil, Master Degree with 10 years of teaching experience,brings the wonders of science to life as our Integrated Sciences & AP Environmental Sciences teacher. His dynamic teaching style engages students in the world of science and its impact on our environment.


Mr. Alex Heydon 

English Teacher 

From the United Kingdom, Mr. Alex Heydon is our English teacher,Bachelor Degree with 11 years of teaching experience. His passion for language and culture makes him an ideal mentor for our students.


Barry Aherne

EAL Coordinator & English Teacher

From Ireland, Mr. Barry Aherne serves as our Baishan Education Group EAL Coordinator and EAL teacher, Master Degree with 10 years of teaching experience, supporting our students in their English language development.


Richard Kytle 

Math Teacher

 Mr. Richard Kytle, our math teacher from the USA, Master Degree with 15 years of teaching experience,inspires a love for numbers and problem-solving among our students.


Emilia Zheng

Chinese Language and Culture Teacher

Emilia graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL). Since 2008, Emilia has taught with different international schools in Beijing and Qingdao, with over 10 years teaching experience, including AP Chinese, IB Language and Junior high school Chinese curriculum. As the leader of Chinese group, Emilia excels at integrating multi-cultural and human history disciplines with management and curriculum development experience. She has earned a high school Chinese teacher qualification certificate as well as the Chinese international teacher qualification certificate.  She also keeps current with training.

As an experienced Advisor, Emilia is also familiar with helping young adults with growing needs. She enjoys teaching and is happy to be part of the continuous improvement and educational transcendence.

In her spare time, Emilia enjoys reading, traveling and sports. The world is a kaleidoscope to her. She explores beautiful scenery and discovering interesting different customs and cultures, constantly seeking to be a global citizen with an international vision.


Subesh Poddar 

Drama Teacher

Mr. Subesh Poddar, our Drama Teacher from India, Master Degree with 5 years of teaching experience,helps students explore their creative sides through the world of theater.


Charla Esser

Music Teacher

Ms. Charla Esser, our Music Teacher from the USA, Bachelor Degree with 20+ years of teaching experience,nurtures the musical talents of our students and instills a love for the arts.


Helen Ding 

Visual Art Teacher

Dr. Helen Ding, our Visual Art Teacher from Singapore, PhD with 20+ years of teaching experience,encourages students to express themselves through the language of art.


 Laki Fammamafa 

Physical Education Teacher

From the picturesque islands of Samoa, Mr. Laki Fammamafa has Master Degree with 6 years of teaching experience,brings energy and athleticism to our Physical Education program.

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