Welcome to Baishan AWS 

Welcome to the Baishan Annie Wright Schools, Qingdao! 

We are excited that you are considering joining our community of scholars. You are a good match for our school if you believe in our mission and core values; want to learn in an English immersion environment; and, ultimately, desire to attend a college or university in an English-speaking country.   

We will be happy to have you visit the school campus and learn more about what we offer. 

Arrange a visit by contacting Claire Wen by email  cwen@baishanaws.cn or phone 18853259168. 


We know that the Baishan AWS program will offer you great opportunities and we look forward to learning more about your goals for the future!   



The Baishan AWS Admissions Team 


Tuition & Fees  

Baishan AWS tuition is $25,000 for the first year. Tuition increases by 3% each year from the previous year. This includes two payments – one of which is paid directly to Annie Wright Schools, Tacoma, USA. Remaining tuition fees are paid in RMB locally based the daily exchange rate. Fees exclude assessment costs such as AP, I.B. Exams, PSAT, SAT/ACT, or TOEFL examination fees and fees associated with field trips, competitions, or school activities. 



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