Baishan Annie Wright School prepares students extraordinarily well for meeting the challenges of attending a university or college abroad. Baishan AWS offers small classes, independent-minded peers, and an exceptional faculty. The challenging curriculum combined with the rigor of international curricula appeals to the motivated students who seek meaningful experiences and understandings.

Most importantly, Baishan AWS prepares students for a lifetime of learning, instilling in our students’ genuine curiosity and the courage to ask questions, seek creative answers, and meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing, complex, and culturally-diverse world.

Baishan AWS offers a tiered English language support program that supports students’ language acquisition at the appropriate levels. Students are immediately placed into the more appropriate levels once they meet certain benchmarks. Students take TOEFL support and English as Additional Language (EAL) classes within the regular school day – something most schools are unable to provide. Classes are taught exclusively in English. Our goal is to create a culture of learning through English discussions – both in and outside the classroom.

Students meet the graduation requirements of Annie Wright Schools and earn an Annie Wright Schools, Qingdao diploma. Students are also afforded with access to IB curricula through our partner and sister schools

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